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Jan. 26th, 2006 | 02:02 pm
music: "Tennessee" Sugarland

Wow so my second day of classes went really well yesterday...

"First Year Experience" is an awesome class, and I have an awesome teacher... shes really sweet and awesome... And shes into Rent and Wicked so thats a deffinite plus! Half of her homework is done online and sent to her thru email which is cool and then we have a huge project about a world issue outside of the USA.... How hard can that be? lol.. Math class was unfortunate... I feel like the smartest kid in the class, wanna know what we r doing?

3 to the second power equals? 3x3x3=27

Order of operations


kk, its gets even better

2x=10, what is x?

or my personal favorite

uhhh maybe 3,000

wow... It will get harder tho because we arent allowed to use a calculator in class, so poopies! lol...

OMG I almost quit work gain today which is why I asked Amanda to check to see if CVS in town is still hiring... This is all because OMG I LEFT THE CUPS NEAR THE TOASTER OVENS! lol... Holy shit lady.... I was going to go back to them, but then got distracted and must have left them there by accident... Well thats not a good enuff exscuse.... Whatever bitch....

Well, I gotta go finish some homework... god that sound so weird...



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Let of all of Oz be agreed

Jan. 23rd, 2006 | 03:18 pm

Im wicked through and through

wow, first day of classes and I only had one of them. lol...

So I woke up to find campus wasnt going to be open until noon, big whoop...

So I get ready and head over there and get to my class and heres my two thought as I walk in the door

"Am I the only white person in this class"
"Holy shit there are some hot looking dudes in here"

Anywhoo so some more white people file in, and then he walks thru the door... I know I shouldnt be saying this with me liking Johnny and all, but OMG! White, like 6'3, buzzed head, muscles.... omg i almost... well you know... But ewww he resembles Viktor in the facial area... blegh! Anywhoo this girl sitting next to me is talking to me and Im just like yep uh huh yup, ok yeah, whatever... lol.. Then she told me she thought I was cute and wanted to be my study buddy... Im like uh ok whatever... lol...

The teacher is a weirdo, he goes "You are in this low level of math because you made stupid mistakes on the Placement Test, not because you are dumb..." and my person favorite "Out of the 30 of you only 20 will pass...." OK! So Im going to do my homework now... lol... even tho its due next Wendsday...

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I knew it

Jan. 4th, 2006 | 06:04 pm

Your 2005 Song Is

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating"

In 2005, you bummed everyone out. Like you care.

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Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 03:55 pm

OMG wow Im sorry I havent been on here in like what... a year? lol.. wow... Not much to say actually...

Im still employed @ Kohls which sucks ass

Im still single which sucks

Ummm I hate some people still, which doesnt suckl. lol..

Leave me a message if you still have me added!

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Oct. 11th, 2005 | 12:04 pm
music: "I Should Tell You" Rent

Ok so 2day is National Comming out Day... Maybe I should come out again. lol..

Wow I havent even updated on how much I hate work. lol...

I mean its not that bad, but its sressful... Last night wasnt tho because Marucs was back... Ah Marcus... how I wish he was younger and homosexual... That would make my life so much easier. lol.... Just a lot boxes and cellophane

I work with two other guys my age that one is totally cute and the other is bleghhhhhh...

Ok so the cute one Mike... omg hes so precious, he has these eyes and even tho they arent blue I could like stare into them for hours.... and hes just like really cute. lol... Yeah.... He kinda reminds me of Nick... Oh man... that kinda sucks, actually as far as I know he's str8 unfortunetly, and yeah, so that stops that.

Mathhew the bleghhhh one is really bleghhh. lol... he has these disgusting earings... they like make the hole where he got is pierced bigger so u can like see thru his ears... blarg *puke*

then this chick Ayla shes reeally awesome, she reminds me a lot of Michelle and Renee... I had to bitch her out the other day because she said something with the word "gay" in it and I told her not to say it anymore....

Then theres Peter who is about 100 and ready to die.... But lets have him lift heavy boxes, whatever....

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby
Or leave me!"
~"Take me or Leave Me" Rent (Maureen+Joanne)

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Oct. 6th, 2005 | 02:53 pm

OMG work is like so deteriating to my body... ouch is all I have to say...

I worked last night from 5-10:15 and I was hurtin, then I wake up this morning to go back to work for my 8-12 shift and Im like OMG I cant move...

This is my schedule

Friday: 6am-12 ("Early morning stock team")
Saturday: 5-10:00pm (Truck unload and stock)
Sunday: 3:30-9pm (Truck unload)
Monday: 4-9pm (Truck unload)
Wendsday: 4-9pm (Truck unload)
Friday: 5-9pm(Truck unload)
Saturday: 5-9pm(Truck unload)

Blarg, then not next week, but the week after Im going to be doing some more early morning stock team things... blarg.. Only good thing about truck unload is.... My supervisor is soooo hot. He's only like 20 something and wears these tight shirts, mmm.... I caught myself looking @ him one to many times... He's got a nice ass too... Damnit bad thoughts...

Well, Im off to take a long nap... I shall ttyl!

Much love,

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Sep. 12th, 2005 | 12:13 pm

Ok so I'm bad @ posting links and such here but go to this site


Its talking about how Mass may keep gay marriage alive and strong... That would make me uber happy since I live near the border!

Much love,

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Sep. 8th, 2005 | 08:57 am
music: "Contact" Rent


Now your prolly saying "why is he do happy about being fired?" lol... well I AM! My dad has found a couple of replacements so in like 2-3 weeks im out of Middlewoods! yay!

Now where am I going to go? lol.. Well in a couple of hours im going to get dressed in my pinstripe pants and my black shirt and black shoes and go out jop hunting! yay!

Old Navy
Barnes and Noble
Hollywood Video
Sharper Image
Shoe Dept.
Bed Bath and Beyond

So yeah thats mt list! lol....

Bye now,

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Bring me to Life

Aug. 28th, 2005 | 10:45 am
music: sharpening knives

Because Im fucking done with life all 2gether...

All these feelings culminating over the past few days with everyone leaving and such have all pooled together into one ugly monster and what Viktor told me today just put the whole fucking kabash on it.

We were talking and he was telling me about how he met this really great guy and likes him "but couldnt never date him but could fuck the living daylights outta him" Really nice right...

So then stupid me asks him "Is there still a chance for us" and so basically he goes "No because of distance, I need someone I can see every day and touch and feel everyday" Well sorry I cant jump on the bus to Uconn every fucking day, deal with it, if u love me as much as you said you did, the whats the problem? NOTHING U MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!

ugh I am so enraged right now its not even funny...

Im seriously contemplating... but I cant because I value my other friends too much... But Im thinking about it.... God fuck this cursed world and life... My depression is rearing its ugly head again... Im so done with everything right now, like I dont even know if I wanna talk to anyone right now... Bye

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Cuz we cant jump the tracks

Aug. 16th, 2005 | 07:47 am

Ok so Im scared about this post but whatever... Just please ask me some questons!

***You can ask me up to 21 questions!***

**No matter how, rude, random, sexual, or pointless**

**I promise to answer them 100% truthfully**

**All questions are confidential**

Repost this..and see what people ask you..

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